Kent SEV Tops 20B

    GRAND RAPIDS — The equalized value of real and personal property in Kent County has topped the $20 billion mark for the first time.

    Kent County Equalization Director David Jager reported that the total value of real and personal property across the county’s 30 jurisdictions reached $20.93 billion in 2004, up from $19.92 billion in 2003.

    Jager added that this year’s equalization gain marks the seventh consecutive year that the gain in real and personal property has risen by at least $1 billion.

    The equalized value of real property was reported at $19.11 billion, while the value of personal property was listed at nearly $1.82 billion.

    The state equalized value for the county’s residential properties was $13.35 billion, or 63.8 percent of the total.           

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