KV Brings New Devices To The Market

    GRAND RAPIDS — Knape & Vogt Manufacturing early this month unveiled a small, newly designed and matched set of ergonomic products which aim at making life less cluttered in the office.

    The products, which the local firm showed at NeoCon, are named Keynetix, Hopper and Aptus. With them, the company also introduced a line of adjustable work tables that workers easily can raise or lower.

    • Keynetix is a platform that can place a computer keyboard anywhere within a 9.5-inch range of vertical distance, while also tilting it to ease wrist and finger positioning.
    • Hopper is an adjustable mounting arm for flat-screen monitors.
    • Aptus is a CPU mount designed to be secured to the underside of a desk.

    According to the firm, Aptus can be adjusted for differing sizes and shapes of processing units. By keeping the units off the floor, the mount affords more foot and leg space for workers and speeds the process of office cleaning.

    Knape & Vogt calls its new line of tables Speed Crank, because the work surface level relies on a patented device which is what the firm terms a “constant force” system.

    Workers can adjust the table’s height with a modest lever movement, as opposed to several turns per inch that Knape & Vogt says has been standard in the industry. The removable crank operates in a fitting in the top of the work surface. Most of the firm’s work surface tables incorporate the feature.

    The products all are part of K&V’s Idea@Work line of ergonomic office products.

    According to Tim McGee, product manager for the line, the Keynetix platform — on one element of which the firm also has a patent pending — is designed to move easily.

    “The ease of adjustability makes this product stand alone,” McGee said. “Not only can you quickly position the keyboard at the desired height,” he said, “but you can also place it at the proper tilt with one hand.”

    The device uses touch paddles for adjustment rather than knobs.

    McGee noted that the platform also has a swivel mouse tray with a gel wrist rest. The tray can be swiveled out of the way, and also can be mounted either on the right or the left side of the keyboard platform.

    The product manager noted that the screen mount also is maximally adjustable.

    He explained that the mount’s swivel base turns 360 degrees, while the pivot at the top of the mount can swivel to eight horizontal positions.

    Finally, the mounting arm itself can tilt forward or backward through a 75-degree arc and can be used to raise or lower the screen up to 18 inches.

    What this means is that the person working at the station can adjust the screen for height, tilt, closeness and horizontal angle so as to accommodate bifocals and eliminate glare emanating from lights overhead or windows to the rear of the operator.

    Hopper is constructed from injection-molded materials and comes in either black or platinum colors.

    McGee claims the key thing is that these fairly unobtrusive devices help workers reclaim valuable work surface that’s normally hard to come by.

    He stressed that All Idea@Work products meet or exceed ANSI/BIFMA standards.

    In addition to office products, K&V says it brings more than a century of experience to the design, manufacture and distribution of kitchen and bath storage products. It serves original equipment manufacturers, specialty distributors, office furniture dealers plus hardware chains and major home improvement centers. 

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