Lansing slashes public health spending


    An executive order issued in May by Gov. Jennifer Granholm reduced spending for the Department of Community Health for the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year by $53 million. The spending cuts became effective July 1 and affect local heath organizations throughout the state. Here are most of those reductions.

    Community mental health non-Medicaid services
    Long-term care services
    Health plan services
    Hospital services and therapy
    Single point of entry
    Pharmaceutical services
    Community substance abuse programs
    Local public health operations
    Dental services
    Health information technology initiatives
    Worker’s compensation program
    Physician services
    Mental health court pilot programs
    Community services
    Sexually transmitted disease control management
    Auxiliary medical services
    Nutrition services
    Immunization; local agreements
    Center for forensic psychiatry
    Medical care & treatment
    Mental health initiatives for older persons
    Respite services
    Severance pay
    Prenatal care outreach and service delivery support
    Injury control intervention project
    Personal care services
    Salvation Army Harbor Light ProgramAmbulance services
    Sexually transmitted disease control; local agreements
    Foster grandparent volunteer program
    State disability assistance program; substance abuse
    Protection & advocacy services support
    Mental health/substance abuse administration
    Office of long-term care; support & services
    Senior companion volunteer program
    Family planning local agreements
    Public health administration
    Asthma prevention & control
    African-American male health initiative
    Methamphetamine cleanup fund
    Migrant health care
    Retired & senior volunteer program
    Implementation of PA 133 of 1993*
    Rural health services
    Senior Olympics
    Special projects

    Reduction Amount

    *Denotes a reduction to the informed consent provision in the Public Health Code.

    Source: Office of the Governor, Executive Order No. 2009-22, May 2009

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