Latino Tulips Bloom In Holland

    HOLLAND — Today marks the beginning of the 3rd annual Tulipanes Latino Art & Film Festival and things are off to a hot start.

    The festival began at 10 a.m. with a story hour featuring “Lizard and the Sun” and will continue until 8:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 9. Every day the festival will have something to offer every age group, every interest and every background.

    The Tulipanes Latino Art & Film Festival is a grass-roots volunteer-operated festival originating in West Michigan and founded by Deborah De La Torre, founder and executive director.

    De La Torre organized the festival because she felt there was a lack of films that affirm Latino families, Latino history and Latino success, as well as films that the entire Latino family can enjoy that portray all people, children and youth in a positive manner.

    The festival takes place at several locations throughout Holland, including Holland Civic Center, DePree Gallery, Davenport University, DeWitt Theater, First United Methodist Church, Holland Area Arts Council, Herrick District Library, The Holland Museum, Knickerbocker Theater, Hope College’s Maas Auditorium, Lemon Jello’s, Leaf & Bean Too and Centennial Park.

    There will be films, activities, book signings, speakers, artists’ lectures, theater presentations, poetry readings, music, panel discussions and story hours.

    For more information and a schedule of locations and events, visit Tulipanes’ Web site at    

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