Life Science Awards Deadline Approaching


    LANSING — Universities, public and private research firms and state-based for-profit companies interested in funding for life science projects must submit a pre-proposal soon.

    Nov. 5 is the deadline to submit on-line applications to the Michigan Life Sciences Corridor (MLSC) Steering Committee.

    Awards will be granted for research in biotechnology, medicine and genetics.

    The MLSC made some changes in the funding process for this year. The most notable is that applicants are required to submit a pre-proposal that details their projects.

    Specifics on the process and the official request-for-proposal can be found at

    To file a pre-proposal, applicants can go to, click on the application button, and then fill out the appropriate fields. One may attach a PDF file containing up to a four-page written statement describing the project and the researchers.

    Applicants also may sign up for an e-mail list to receive any notices about the process.

    Applicants can come from three categories, but all must be based in Michigan.

    Category I includes nonprofit research institutes and universities. Category II includes for-profit and not-for-profit private sector companies, universities and nonprofit research firms.

    Category III includes those entities already named, along with service organizations.

    Applicants must match any award from the MLSC. But the steering committee does not specify the types and amounts of that match. So, a match can include cash, in-kind services such as personnel, use of facilities or equipment, and other types.

    The match can be for any amount, but the MLSC suggests that applicants maximize the matching amount to expand the project and to better leverage the state funds.

    Collaboration on projects is required and applicants must describe that joint effort.

    The type of collaboration, private or public, is not important, as the MLSC will look at what value it brings to the project.

    Applicants can also make use of the Core Technology Alliance, a collaboration between Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and the Van Andel Institute.

    In fact, the MLSC encourages using the services offered by the CTA, but also advises that applicants should contact the CTA first before including its services in any project. To do that, contact CTA Business Manager Roberta Proft at (734) 615-2243 or at

    For a description of services the CTA offers, applicants can go to

    Finally, applicants can identify individuals whom they do not want to review their applications. A field to do that is provided in the pre-proposal application.

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