Local communications firm to tithe


    A local communications firm has moved from Monroe Center to South Division Avenue, and as part of its relocation, it has pledged to allocate 10 percent of its income beginning Jan. 1 to help entrepreneurs in Heartside in 2012.

    Clark Communications has left its MoBevy base on Monroe Center and taken up residence in a lower-level suite at 131 S. Division Ave.

    “MoBevy was a great home for these past two years, but the time came to move into a more prominent space and follow a desire to get more involved in the Heartside area,” said Craig Clark, owner of Clark Communications, in a written statement.

    “I’ve felt a pull to locate within Heartside, not only due to the creative arts energy, but also to be alongside individuals who are trying to find their way in life. Behind the faces of struggles are real people, many of who are just looking for a chance to get back on their feet. We’re eager to help share the stories of some of the more entrepreneurial-minded folks,” added Clark, who previously worked in the communications department at Saint Mary’s Health Care, which is situated in Heartside.

    Clark said his firm, which includes associate Jenny Luth, has provided about $50,000 worth of pro bono public relations services for charities every year since its inception, but has never “tithed” on a business basis until now.

    “We’re going to define our charitable work by focusing on giving 10 percent of our spoils to the missions in the Heartside community. The roles these agencies — like Mel Trotter, Degage, Heartside and Guiding Light — play are so vital to our urban core. We want to help in a way that helps some of the Heartside neighbors to integrate more into the business community,” he said.

    Clark said he intends to speak with each mission to determine the most appropriate way his firm can provide assistance.

    “We’re going to focus on individuals — not necessarily promote the missions themselves. We’re open to helping the organizations at a corporate level, but we really hope to help promote some success stories of emerging entrepreneurs,” he said. “These folks deserve as much attention as entrepreneurs from any suburb.”

    Although Clark Communications left MoBevy, which offers shared office space for small businesses, the firm has continued to share space. This time, it is sharing its 1,900-square-foot suite with Media Place Partners, a media-buying company headed by David Kettler.

    “Dave and I found ourselves looking for office space at the same time, and we both liked 131, so we decided to share it,” said Clark. “Additionally, the media landscape is changing, so firms like mine are working more closely with agencies like Media Place to find unique ways to position our clients in the media.”

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