Local Firm Takes Podium In Belgium

    GRAND RAPIDS — Representatives from Noble Polymers, a local firm working with high-performance resins and plastics, is making presentations this week to nanocomposite industry leaders in Brussels.

    The occasion is the third annual nanocomposites international conference.

    The conference, which winds up Thursday, brings together many of the world’s leading nanocomposite suppliers. In addition to Noble Polymers, Nanocomposites 2004 will feature speakers from Procter & Gamble, Dow Chemical, Toyota Technological Institute and the U.S. Army. 

    Tim Patterson, president of Noble Polymers, and Taher Abujoudeh, director of materials engineering at Cascade Engineering, are presenting information on the commercialization of polypropylene-based nanocomposites.

    Noble began as a materials research and development group within Cascade, and has evolved into a leading innovator in the development of resins, compounds and polymers used primarily by injection molders.

    The firm has supplied resins to Cascade’s Automotive Solutions Group since 1997, and since has expanded into new markets and to customers beyond its parent company.

    Patterson and Abujoudeh planned to highlight the success of Forte, a polypropylene-based nanocomposite used in automobiles, furniture and appliances.

    Noble introduced nanocomposites last year. 

    “Nanocomposites 2004 provides us with a wonderful platform to present the results and performance we’ve been able to achieve with Forte,” Patterson said in a prepared statement. “We are focused on technology that impacts our molders, OEMs and customers.”

    Engineered at a molecular level, Forte was developed to offer superior mechanical properties, as well as improved quality and reduced visual defects. 

    Reportedly, Forte also offers plastic molders “green” qualities by virtue of improved recycleability and reduced amounts of filler. 

    Forte was designed as a substitute for resins that contain large amounts of fillers such as glass, or where the performance advantages of the nanocomposite are required.

    Noble reports that Forte results in lower part weights and enhanced properties, and revolutionizes a product’s initial design process.

    In addition to offering compounds and resin materials that meet customer requirements, Noble also specializes in material selection, integrated design analysis and empirical testing.

    Noble Polymers’ combination of service and expertise allows customers to develop solutions from conceptualization to final part production.    

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