Luncheon Honors 92


    GRAND RAPIDS — Because of offerings such as children’s scholarships, athletic club memberships and an overall sense of caring about employees, 92 companies are being honored by the Michigan Business and Professional Association as some of the Best and Brightest Places to Work in Michigan.

    “It’s obvious that West Michigan companies care about the person’s well-being as a whole and their life outside of work,” said Jennifer Kluge, executive vice president and COO of the association.

    The companies, chosen through a stringent application process, including company statistics and employee evaluations and surveys, will be honored at a luncheon Wednesday. Awards will be given in communication, community initiatives, compensation and benefits, diversity and multiculturalism, employee education and development, employee engagement and commitment, recognition and retention, recruitment and selection, and work-life balance. Of the companies that receive these awards, one will be awarded the Best of the Best award.

    This year’s event will focus on cultural awareness and preparation for the future work force. During the luncheon, Kluge said the attendees will learn about the differences in doing business in other counties.

    “We want people to open their minds to new cultures and new ways of doing business,” she said. “You have to be open and receptive and respectful of the ways that others do business.”

    The educational symposium prior to the luncheon will focus on the emerging work force and how companies can prepare to meet the needs of workers five to 10 years from now.

    Kluge said the best practices are changing and those who are in their 20s now will be in leadership positions in five to 10 years.

    “We’d better embrace it and adapt to it or we’re going to be sitting on the curb watching everything go by,” she said.

    The event is a chance for companies to share best practices in human resource standards and learn from the examples of the winning companies, Kluge said.

    “We applaud the companies of West Michigan and we’re looking forward to a really exciting and energizing luncheon — and we’re hoping to keep everybody on their toes.”    

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