Manpower Jobs Forecast Termed Mild


    GRAND RAPIDS — The quarterly Manpower survey for this community doesn’t paint the brightest picture in the gallery, but it doesn’t seem particularly gloomy either.

    Manpower said its survey revealed “a cautious hiring pattern,” which indicates about three-fourths of the respondents plan neither to hire nor lay off more people. Another 13 percent say they project hiring more people from October through December, while 10 percent plan to get along with fewer employees.

    By comparison with the same time last year, 20 percent of responding firms had hiring plans and 7 percent planned reductions.

    Another 3 percent had no response.

    Getting into the details, Manpower said its survey showed that job creation is likely in non-durable goods manufacturing and in services, while cutbacks are likely in the durable goods sector and in finance, insurance and real estate. The area’s construction firms indicated a mix of additions and reductions.

    In general, Manpower’s national quarterly report was somewhat brighter than that for Grand Rapids.

    Sixty percent of firms surveyed nationally had plans to neither hire nor lay off people, while nearly a quarter of surveyed firms planned to fire. But in the nation, as in Grand Rapids, 11 percent project layoffs.

    More detailed information is available on Manpower’s Web site,

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