Metro Council In The Black


    GRAND RAPIDS — Members of the Grand Valley Metro Council are looking at a second straight surplus for their upcoming annual budget — a small one, but nonetheless a surplus.

    GVMC Executive Director Don Stypula recently unveiled a preliminary 2007 budget that should leave the regional planning agency with revenues above expenses by $45,500 by the time the new fiscal year ends.

    “We are able to cover all of the expenses in all of the areas,” said Stypula.

    The council had a deficit of nearly $130,500 for FY05, so the expected surpluses for this year and next mark a fiscal turnaround for the agency. GVMC is on track to record a surplus of $61,000 for the current year, which ends on Sept. 30.

    Revenue to the council is expected to reach $2.22 million for the new fiscal year, while spending should top out at $2.17 million.

    The projected income figure is roughly $300,000 higher than what the agency is expected to receive this year. Stypula said the income is higher because the organization found some new revenue sources, especially for the council’s land-use division.

    “We anticipate more of that in the future,” said Stypula.

    Handling the region’s transportation and transit needs make up the agency’s biggest expense at $986,000.

    Stypula said he has set aside $18,000 for another Growing Communities Conference, the council’s top annual event. The 2007 conference will be held on June 14 and will return to Grand Valley State University’s Eberhard Center in downtown Grand Rapids.

    Board members will vote on the annual budget in a few weeks. The council’s new fiscal year begins on Oct. 1. 

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