Michigan 60-hour pre-license program available in 23 cities


    The state of Michigan has changed its builders licensing laws so that contractors now must complete 60 hours of state-approved education before they are able to apply for a license. The Builders License Training Institute notes that finding a local program can be difficult.

    The three-step license to obtain a license is:

    • Completing the 60 hours of approved education;
    • Sending the license application to the state and waiting as long as six weeks for approval;
    • Passing the state exam.

    “Builders are not allowed to even schedule their state builders licensing exam until after their license application is approved. This can sometimes take up to six weeks,” Terry Francis, education coordinator for the Builders License Training Program, said in a news release.

    The institute holds complete 60-hour license programs throughout Michigan including at least three locations in the Upper Peninsula. The institute has added an online program offering a tool consisting of sample quizzes of various topics that are included in the state exam.

    “The institute is approved by the Michigan No Worker Left Behind Program, also known as Michigan Works!,” Francis said. “Students need to contact their local unemployment office if they feel they qualify for funding.”

    For more information, go to www.licensetobuild.com

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