Michigan Street Monopoly


    With Health Hill now complete from Lafayette Avenue to Division


    , all the land left to grab has been grabbed. Here’s who’s got it.


    Rich DeVos‘ development firm, RDV Corp., in partnership with Christman Co. as Michigan Street Development, is redeveloping a state-owned parking lot at 1 Michigan St. NE, the Towers Medical Building at 21 Michigan St. NE, and the Physicians Organization of West Michigan building at 121 Michigan St. NE into a more than $120-million, three-tower mixed-use development.

    DeVos wrote the $6.25 million check for the adjacent Burger King lot at

    145 Michigan St. NE

    , future site of Spectrum Health’s new cancer center.

    Through Activa Holding Corp., the Amway family also owns the vacant hotel at

    201 Michigan St. NW

    Park Place

    S.J. Wisinski & Co. is in the process of developing 42 properties just east of College into the six-acre Mid Towne Village. The 182,000-square-foot, mixed-use development is the only major private project currently underway along the

    Michigan Street

    corridor. For the conceivable future, its

    Union Avenue

    edge marks the easternmost boundary of Health Hill.

    Pennsylvania Avenue

    Kameel Chamelly, owner of Martha’s Vineyard at 200 Union Ave. NE, through the entity 7 Oaks LLC, holds 300 Michigan St. NE, a vacant gas station on the southeast corner of Lafayette and Michigan, taxable value: $54,869; 332 Lafayette Ave. NE, one door to the south, taxable value: $4,100; and 421 Michigan St. NE, on the northeast corner of Sinclair and Michigan, one door east of the McDonald’s. It’s a 105-year-old, 5,016-square-foot, two-story building. Taxable value is $49,877, listed at press time for $648,000; MLS: 354134.

    North Carolina Avenue

    Prime Development Co., Marcel Burgler is listed as the resident agent for Interstate Wholesale Corp., the deed-holder for 320 MichiganSt. NE. Currently occupied by Spectrum Health Healthier Communities. Taxable value: $307,510.

    Pacific Avenue

    Sam Cummings,president of Second Story Properties. It’s been a long time since Chuck’s Auto Repair was swinging a wrench at the 6,000-square-foot site at 342 MichiganSt. NE. Currently deeded to Grand X-ray Supplies Co. Taxable value: $38,907.


    Jade Pig Ventures, headquartered at

    444 Michigan St.

    NE. Brian DeVries’ firm has three fully leased buildings in between Lafayette and College, two medical and one retail. It also controls one underutilized property,

    443 Michigan St.

    NE. Taxable value: $136,555.

    Ventnor Avenue

    Michael Crawford, M.D., through Crawford Property Management, owns and practices from a full medical office building at

    415 College Ave.

    NE. Holds several underutilized properties adjacent to that, including

    431 Michigan St. NE

    and 419 and

    410 Sinclair St.


    Source: GR City Assessor

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