More Danger Ahead


    Mark Carter, vice president of Tech Power Solutions, says everyone should be aware of two quite recently detected viruses, one of which masquerades as a virus protection program.

    The first one is a worm called w32.redesi.b@mm. This worm poses as an e-mail sent to update the computer’s virus protection program. It acts as a message sent from Microsoft and upon clicking on the attachment to “update the files,” you are infected. The virus is set to detonate on Nov. 11. For more information log onto, http://securityresponse.

    The second virus masquerades as a message providing information about anthrax. However, errors make it unlikely to cause widespread damage.

    This virus is being spread by an e-mail message that can overwrite some files and copy itself. The message contains the subject line, “Anthrax info,” and the message reads in Spanish, “If you don’t know what anthrax is or what the results of it are, please see the attached picture so that you can see the results that it has.” Upon clicking on the attachment, the computer is infected.

    “The people out there that are only looking to expose and exploit company’s information can be stopped,” said Carter. “We just have to protect our systems and be prepared for anything.”

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