New Health Publication Set


    GRAND RAPIDS — Gemini Publications, parent company of Grand Rapids Business Journal, will soon introduce Health Quarterly, one of three quarterly publications that will be distributed on alternating months.

    As Commercial Quarterly and Legal Quarterly provide an in-depth look into those respective fields, Health Quarterly will offer information on the business of the health-care industry.

    “Health care has been identified as one of the top Grand Rapids Business Journal reader interest items; this publication helps us super-serve our readers with that specific information,” said Gemini Publications Editor Carole Valade. “The health-care industry, life sciences and related technology are becoming key in this regional economy and that diversification has been identified as a top priority by two governors and economic development agents throughout the state.”

    Valade said Grand Rapids Business Journal will keep business leaders informed on all of those issues in the quarterly publication and provide a focus on the people in the industry.

    “We will publish profiles, partnerships, education news and help identify the leaders in this region,” she said.

    Subscribers will receive the first issue of Health Quarterly in October, following the debut of Legal Quarterly in September.    

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