New Hospital Shapes Village


    WYOMING — Metro Health’s towering new hospital will not look so monolithic soon, thanks to a new neighbor. Development firm The Granger Group recently broke ground on what will be the first medical office building to join the new hospital in its Metro Health Village.

    Michigan Obstetrics & Gynecology will be the lead tenant in the 30,000-square-foot LEED-certified structure. The owners of the practice will also be co-owners of the building. Michigan Obstetrics & Gynecology and its five doctors of osteopathy will relocate their Grandville office to the new building in the Health Village when it is completed next summer.

    The Granger Group has modeled the plans for the new facility on a building it recently constructed for Herman Miller Inc. Granger said that building, known as the Herman Miller MarketPlace, “has proven its ability to be a flexible, as well as satisfying and productive, work environment.”

    As the Michigan Obstetrics & Gynecology building progresses, Metro hopes it will lead to a snowball effect, according to spokesperson Jason Manshum.

    “Metro is very pleased to see other areas of the Village now under construction,” said Manshum. “It’s also a benefit to have facilities like this medical office building open before Metro Health Hospital, as it will further reinforce the Village as a health-care destination for West Michigan.”

    Metro Health’s new hospital is scheduled to open in 2007, by which time Metro Health officials hope much of the surrounding Village will already be up and running.    

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