New Meeting Hub In Tri Cities

    FERRYSBURG — The newest banquet and conference center in the area plans to bill the business as the largest facility in town and will offer amenities needed for business gatherings.

    In addition to weekend wedding receptions, the owners of the Trillium Banquet and Conference Center are working to attract business meetings and luncheons, trade shows, and seminars during the week.

    The facility features a main banquet room with a seating capacity of 600, or 350 people each when it’s divided into two rooms.

    The Trillium also offers two smaller adjoining conference rooms for gatherings of 60 people or less and adjacent outdoor patios.

    Each room is wired with a sound system and equipped with teleconferencing and video-conferencing equipment and projection televisions to accommodate seminars and business meetings.

    Prior to Trillium’s opening in mid-July, the Grand Haven-Spring Lake area lacked a facility with the capacity to host large weddings, social events and business meetings.

    “There’s a definite need for it,” said Nikki Deiters, manager of the Trillium.

    The $2.2 million center — located on Van Wagoner Road a quarter mile west of U.S. 31 — was developed by three local businessmen: Tim Deiters, and Bob and Randy Wagenmaker.

    Two of the three men conceived the project when their children were married and they were forced to go outside the community to find facilities large enough to handle the wedding receptions.

    It’s common along the West Michigan shoreline to find facilities for large wedding receptions booked a year or more in advance.

    Not surprisingly, therefore, most of the early bookings for the Trillium have been for wedding receptions. Nikki Deiters told the Business Journal that, so far, business at the center is “going well.”

    She said the center also is booking business gatherings for one or two days a week, and has three trade shows already scheduled, including a pair of bridal shows later this year and a hunting show early next year, she said.

    The Chamber of Commerce of Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg also plans to host a morning seminar on global trade late this month at the Trillium.

    As business builds, the center’s owners plan to put increased emphasis on luring business meetings and other events, Dieters said.

    A business open house held in late July drew representatives from about 200 area businesses, she said.

    “We’re starting to get the word out,” she said. “We do hope to expand on that more, and next year is looking really well.”    

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