New One Stop Pain Clinic Opens


    FRUITPORT —Michigan Pain Consultants PC (MPC), a multidisciplinary pain management practice, recently opened a satellite office in Fruitport Township near the Lakes Mall.

    Located at 1675 E. Mount Garfield Road just off Harvey Street, one of the zone’s major arteries, the center operates 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.

    According to Mark Gostine, M.D., co-founder and president of MPC, which is based in Grand Rapids, the facility will provide the Grand Haven-Muskegon area and its environs access to what he regards as one of the most advanced pain management centers in the country.

    The center consolidates services previously available through North Ottawa Community and Hackley Hospitals in Grand Haven and Muskegon, respectively.

    The primary practitioners at the Fruitport center are Joseph Vanden Bosch, M.D., and Bennett L. Willard, D.O., both of whom are board-certified pain specialists.

    Also staffing the new center will be psychologists, physical therapists and physician assistants.

    The center follows MPC’s original clinic model in suburban Grand Rapids that consolidated services originally available at Spectrum’s two campuses and at Saint Mary’s Mercy Medical Center.

    Gostine explained that the Fruitport office is a part of MPC’s expanding regional network.

    In addition to the two centers, MPC practitioners also serve patients at nine hospitals from Allegan to Fremont and from Mecosta to Carson City.

    Gostine and Fred Davis, M.D., jointly founded MPC nearly 20 years ago after originally arriving in Grand Rapids to practice anesthesiology at Butterworth Hosapital.

    They opened their first MPC clinic outside the hospital setting at 4100 Lake Drive SE in Grand Rapids in 2001.

    Gostine said the reason to move from hospitals to what the two physicians call one-stop clinics is a step that the setting is less stressful and more convenient for patients. It’s also a setting, Gostine added, that insurers are beginning to encourage because such clinics tend to entail fewer visits and lower costs thanks to significantly reduced overhead.

    The firm’s principals say that MPC’s regional pain management network serves nearly 80,000 patients a year, and the need for such services is rising.

    “As our population continues to age,” Gostine said, “we’re seeing an increasing demand for highly specialized pain management services. This program is designed to satisfy that demand.”

    He indicated pain has become one of the biggest health care challenges in recent decades not only in terms of outright suffering, but because it is costly both to sufferers and their employers.

    Reportedly, chronic pain causes the loss of 4 billion workdays a year, translating into about $65 billion in lost productivity.

    He indicated nearly 50 million Americans suffer chronic pain and more than 20 million adults routinely take prescription painkillers. Nearly 14 million Americans cannot perform routine activities because of pain, he said.

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