New Supply Chain Solutions Building


    GRAND RAPIDS — With its unique business model, Supply Chain Solutions needed a unique facility.

    The Holland-based consulting firm specializes in collaborative supply chain techniques. At five West Michigan facilities and at one in Ontario, Canada, the firm operates logistic centers that allow customers to improve delivery schedules and visibility throughout the supply chain.

    Some are dedicated to a sole customer, such as the facility at Steelcase Inc.’s 44th Street campus and the Haworth Inc.-dedicated Holland facility. Others are multi-client operations.

    As both segments grew, the firm quickly ran out of operating space.

    “Because of the issues with our growth, we’d run out of places to put people,” said Les Brand, a partner in Supply Chain Solutions. “We were looking for a leaner way to produce what we do from a solutions standpoint — collect all the right people in the right spots.”

    In order to “practice what we preached,” the firm needed to centralize its administrative and support functions, creating a primary location to manage its shipping, planning and execution.

    Brand’s firm needed a building that was equal parts warehouse and office, and preferably, because of his clients’ increasing use of technology solutions, one that was sufficiently wired.

    Earlier this month, the firm wrapped up the purchase of the 21,000-square-foot former headquarters of technology firm Remex Corp. at 4607 44th St. SE. The computer and networking consultant vacated the facility earlier this year with the completion of its merger with Grandville-based Trivalent Systems Group.

    Brand will move 37 employees into the facility’s 11,000 square feet of office space. The remainder of the space, which once housed hardware inventory and workstations, will be used for warehouse and logistics operations, as well as a training center and RFID test site.

    Supply Chains Solutions’ sister company, Supply Chain Shipping, will also operate from the site.

    “It does give us some growing room,” Brand said. “It will help us take off our business model in a centralized fashion and extend into other business units. It’s already wired for some of the wireless things we’re doing — that infrastructure in itself will support our technology and communications platform very effectively.”

    The deal was brokered by S.J. Wisinski & Co.

    Mary Anne Wisinski-Rosely, vice president of S.J. Wisinski, said the location’s proximity to the airport also should aid Supply Chain Solutions’ expanding business. The company operates a California-based facility that manages imports and exports to and from Asian markets.    

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