NOCHS Using New Technology


    North Ottawa Community Health System has recently implemented a new information system for improved patient care. The Meditech system puts all of a patient’s information into one central area, which makes it easily accessible to all NOCHS affiliates.

    The new system significantly improves access to appropriate clinical information, streamlines workflow and decreases repetitive paperwork, improves communication between caregivers, enables better coordination of care, hastens reimbursements, and most importantly, enhances patient safety.

    “The system has enormous benefits,” said Ron Latta, NOCH’s director of information services. “One of the reasons we chose this system is that it has the ability to provide patients, doctors, nurses and administrators easier, faster and secure access to vital health information. This will improve patient care because information is available electronically, in real time. It will also help us better monitor, adjust and plan health services based on individual patient needs.”

    The Meditech system provides information at the point of care. Physicians, nurses and other clinical staff can instantly access pertinent patient records and make changes in real time that others using the same record are able to see. This information is viewable at the bedside or in any ambulatory setting. Health professionals can go to a single place to get all the information they need, rather than having to await the flow of paperwork from different departments.

    The system also increases patient safety, eventually providing barcode technology for patient wristbands, computerized physician order information and increased management of patient flow with patient-tracking software.

    In the future, the system will allow insurance information related to authorization to be electronically received during the registration process.

    “The practice of modern medicine requires sophisticated information technologies with which to manage patient information, plan diagnostic procedures, interpret laboratory results, and conduct research,” said Michael Payne, NOCHS president and CEO. “With medical records and results of clinical tests available in a timelier manner, physicians will be able to respond faster. Overall, this efficient system translates into seamless patient care across departments, and increased access for patients.

    “It’s just another thing North Ottawa Community Hospital is doing to provide an exceptional patient experience.”     HQX

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