Pine Rest Expands, Gains Flexibility

    CUTLERVILLE — Pine Rest Christian Health Services has embarked on a $2.6 million expansion and renovation project that includes a new residential treatment unit for teenage girls.

    The project is slated to occur in two phases through the end of the year.

    It will entail consolidation of the 36-bed Child and Adolescent Services unit at Pine Rest’s Van Andel Treatment Center from two units into one.

    Pine Rest plans to use 12 beds in a new service, a Girls Secured Residential Unit that’s been a long-time need.

    It will mirror the residential unit for teenage boys at the Van Andel Treatment Center, located at Pine Rest’s 220-acre campus on 68th Street in Cutlerville.

    Ruth Davis, director of operations for Pine Rest’s hospital-based services, said the institution’s primary goal is to “update the hospital’s services for children and teens to support the modern day practice of psychiatry and patient stabilization.”

    “We have a very fine facility and these changes will take us to the next level,” Davis said.

    Pine Rest is one of the nation’s largest providers of inpatient and outpatient behavioral health services.

    The main campus is in Cutlerville and it has 21 clinics in the form of satellite locations and through partnerships with Saint Mary’s Mercy Medical Center and Metropolitan Hospital.

    Davis said the project at the Child and Adolescent Services unit will bring changes to the clinical model and decentralize clinical staffing, generating greater efficiencies.

    She indicated the work would also increase the number of single-occupancy rooms in the 36-bed unit from 18 to 28, allowing greater flexibility in the use of space by gender.

    The arrangement also was planned in order to reduce the number of turn-aways because of an unavailability of beds for a gender.

    The project is designed so Pine Rest can easily convert space to serve a different patient population, if necessary in the future.

    Another key goal Pine Rest seeks to achieve with the project is to improve patient safety.

    Pine Rest’s patient population has changed significantly since 1987 when the Child and Adolescent services unit was built, Davis explained.

    “We are now seeing patients who need more intensive psychiatric help due to their various behavioral diagnoses,” she said.

    The first phase of the project is scheduled for completion in October.

    Work on the second phase is targeted for completion in December.

    The project will involve 21,000 square feet of space, including 8,230 square feet of new construction.

    Integrated Architecture is the designer on the project and Orion Construction is the general contractor.     

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