Quixtar Marks Anniversary, Best Day


    ADA — On the eve of Quixtar’s fifth anniversary, the company passed another milestone with a record-breaking sales day.

    Independent Business Owners (IBOs) powered by Quixtar helped the e-commerce company achieve a new single-day sales record of more than $12 million on Aug. 31, surpassing the previous best days of more than $11 million reported earlier this year.

    “It is an incredible accomplishment to end our fiscal year so strong,” said Ken McDonald, managing director of Quixtar.  “What’s truly exciting is that there’s so much more planned at Quixtar that will continue to propel this business for years to come.”

    Quixtar will announce its fiscal 2004 sales along with parent company Alticor Inc. later this fall, but indications are that the company will surpass its record sales of $1.035 billion reported last year.

    “Health and beauty continues to lead the way for us and for IBOs powered by Quixtar,” said Randy Bancino, vice president of sales & marketing. “With this continuing to be our focus, Quixtar should maintain its ranking as the No. 1 health and beauty retailer online.”

    Quixtar was launched on Sept. 1, 1999. Since that time, IBOs have generated more than $4 billion in sales for Quixtar, plus more than $300 million for partner stores.    

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