Remex Expands Presence

    MOUNT PLEASANT — Remex Systems Group announced that Rob Stout, president and owner of Entre’ Computer Center, has joined the company as branch director in Mount Pleasant and Entre’ and its five employees will be folded into Remex Systems Group.

    The addition of Entre’ to Remex represents a strategic move to expand upon the company’s presence in the mid-Michigan/Mount Pleasant market. Entre’ has been an established company there since 1988 and has served many area businesses, including the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce, K-12 school districts in nine counties, United Way of Isabella County and Mid-Michigan Industries.

    Entre’ is a technology integrator and a former direct competitor of Remex Systems Group in the Mount Pleasant market. Entre’s customers will now be able to rely upon Remex for network administration, technology integration, telecommunications and Internet service needs.

    “We are happy to have had the opportunity to add Rob Stout and his existing Entre’ associates to our team,” said Mike Noordyke, president of Remex Systems Group, a wholly-owned division of Trivalent Group Inc. “His abilities, expertise and long-standing client relationships will certainly add value and help Remex to further service a greater number of customers in the Mount Pleasant market.”

    Stout will remain in Mount Pleasant and continue to work from the same location at 1001 Fairfield Drive. He is an active member of the Mount Pleasant chamber and the local chapter of the United Way.

    “Folding Entre’ into Remex Systems Group will certainly bring Entre’ clients added benefit, services and support,” said Stout. “Remex and its ownership are made up of outstanding people with a great history. I am grateful for this opportunity and for the upcoming challenges that will most certainly help us to reach a wider customer base.”    

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