Senior Community Sparks Interest

    HOLLAND — Even before mounting a sales and marketing push, Resthaven Patrons Inc. has found strong interest in a senior living village planned for Holland’s south side.

    Since publicly unveiling plans for the $40 million Cottage Grove development last fall, Resthaven Patrons has built a waiting list of 55 people interested in buying a residence and who “have put a small amount of money down.”

    Charles Vander Broek, Resthaven Patrons’ president and CEO, believes the response bodes well for the development, which will consist of up to 140 to 150 assisted- and independent-living units. “I would say there’s just been tons of interest,” Vander Broek said. “I’m feeling very good.”

    Planned for a parcel off 24th Street adjacent to the popular city park Van Raalte Farm, Cottage Grove will consist of 40 to 50 independent-living single-family detached homes and duplexes, and two buildings with one- and two-bedroom independent-living apartments and 20 assisted-living suites for senior citizens.

    The design is for a development that is a largely self-contained village, built around a pond.  Among its planned amenities are a restaurant, library, arts center, chapel, activity room, fitness center, private dining, hiking paths and gardens, on-demand in-home care and transportation.

    Vander Broek says part of Cottage Grove’s appeal to those interested in it is its relatively small size and community feel. “It’s small and very manageable,” Vander Broek said. “It’s about as small as you can go on this type of development and still make it work.” Resthaven Patrons is a 60-year-old Christian-based nonprofit providing housing and care for the elderly.

    It serves some 900 senior citizens in the Holland area through a network of independent and assisted living centers, a nursing home, an Alzheimer’s center, a home health-care agency, and services such as physical and occupational therapy.

    With independent living and assisted living in a single community such as Cottage Grove, Vander Broek says Resthaven Patrons offers relatively little disruption and only short-distance moves as increasing age demands higher levels of care.

    Cottage Grove’s design will be finalized by the end of this month. Resthaven Patrons will launch a sales and marketing drive in September and a capital campaign to raise $3.5 million to $4 million for development costs. Construction may start in 2005 or 2006. 

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