Sequenom finalizes CMM purchase


    Sequenom of San Diego has completed its previously announced acquisition of Grand Rapids-based Center for Molecular Medicine, the certified clinical diagnostics laboratory that Spectrum Health and the Van Andel Research Institute founded two years ago. As part of the acquisition, Sequenom has formalized certain collaborative agreements with Spectrum and the VARI.

    The laboratory has been renamed the Sequenom Center for Molecular Medicine. The advanced molecular pathology laboratory offers cutting-edge diagnostics, translational research and clinical trials. Its diagnostic services include robotic DNA and RNA extraction, DNA microarrays, multiplex protein detection, gene expression profiling and others. It combines the clinical resources of Spectrum Health with VARI’s translational research, bioinformatics expertise and the latest in genomics and proteomics technology.

    “This acquisition is a major step in our SEQureDx strategy as it provides us with control over all aspects of commercialization,” said Harry Stylli, Ph.D., president and CEO of Sequenom. 

    Stylli said that through the acquisition Sequenom has gained not only a clinical diagnostics lab, but also Spectrum Health’s expertise in marketing and developing sales and third-party payer reimbursement contracting strategies. The lab continues to be headed by Executive Director Daniel Farkas, Ph.D. 

    “We are delighted to welcome Dan Farkas to our management team,” Stylli said. “We will look to leverage his nearly 20 years in molecular diagnostics, including the establishment of three hospital-based molecular diagnostics laboratories, to develop and support the commercialization of a portfolio of SEQureDx-based tests.”

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