Speaking Of A Fluid Transaction

    MUSKEGON — While making a mutual sales pitch at a local community college, two companies meet and decide to work together under one roof to offer clients the best of both worlds.

    So goes the story of a meeting of the minds between two Muskegon-based companies: Mindscape Creative, which specializes in Web site development and Internet marketing, and Fluid, a marketing and advertising firm.

    “We feel one of our best services is the offering that we are both under one roof,” said Randi Trygstad, president and owner of Fluid.

    That roof is in the core of Muskegon, at 143 S. Sherman Blvd. 

    “We have tried other partnerships and they just didn’t work; this one just fits together. We have the same business principles and I am proud to put my name with theirs.”

    The co-founders of Mindscape Creative — Paul Ferrier and Pete Brand — told the Business Journal that the new strategic partnership has given them the opportunity to learn the complete realm of marketing. The two said they have soaked up a wealth of knowledge just from being in the same space with the marketing and advertising firm.

    Trygstad said the same goes for her.

    “We were familiar with their quality of work and the good name they held in the area,” said Brand. “We became interested in working together simply because we knew they did a good job.”

    So the chemistry began to build, and as of this spring, the partnership has taken shape.

    The principals of both companies say the partnership is a natural because the two companies are so similar and their business practices complement each other. While Mindscape focuses on the Internet side of the business, Fluid focuses on the marketing side of things.

    The other benefit of joining forces is that clients experience the ease of working with two companies in the same place — something that is quite out of the ordinary.

    “Usually when we work with a client, and if we suggest they get their name out on the Internet, we could only help them with the basics and the design,” said Trygstad.

    “Now, we have specialists within this different discipline that can offer our clients the level of quality they expect.”

    Within this virtual partnership, the same goes for Mindscape. When a client is looking for a full marketing plan to complement its Web site, Fluid is there, under the same roof, for a one-stop solution.

    Each company will continue to function on its own and serve its own clients, while also broadening its client base to include companies that are interested in a more integrated approach to marketing.

    Nonetheless, Fluid and Mindscape are beginning to develop a new business plan together. Both promise the transition will be seamless and something that clients won’t even feel.

    “We are really pitching this team approach,” said Ferrier.

    “And we look forward to hitting our list of clients with our expertise but then looking into niches and talk to clients who are looking to expand their businesses.”

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