Tech Survey Shows More Hiring


    HOLLAND — According to a recent survey, hiring of information technology staffers will continue increasing in West Michigan through the remainder of the year.

    That’s the conclusion from responses elicited in the regular mid-year survey conducted by Paragon Recruiting, a local technology recruiting form.

    According to Beth DeWilde, Paragon’s owner, the last year’s survey indicted that 16 percent of responding firms planned to add IT staff in the second half of 2003.

    This year’s survey indicated that number has risen to 25 percent for 2004. The additional positions, the survey also indicated, would be primarily mid-level jobs in applications.

    The respondents also indicated that outsourcing would increase, with more than 40 percent of companies placing technology projects in other firms’ hands. That data, DeWilde said, fits with the fact that more than half the computer consultants surveyed have reported plans to increase staff.

    “Our results are in line with various general employment forecasts,” DeWilde said. “The hiring trend appears positive. We look forward to increased hiring activity in the next few months.

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