Trying To Solve Disaster In Advance

    GRAND RAPIDSUnderground Secure Data Center Operations (USDCO) reports forming a strategic alliance with a Sterling Heights firm to provide a haven for critical corporate data.

    In fact, USDCO and its new partner — Rave Computer Association Inc — earlier this month pitched what they call their secure off-site disaster recovery solution to public and private sectors at the annual TechNet 2002 convention in Washington, D.C.

    The gathering’s theme was “Homeland Security: Terrorism and Technology, The Critical Role of IT.”

    USDCO is a subterranean storage center for corporate data. The firm operates in 750,000 square feet of space at 85 feet below ground in an inactive, century-old gypsum mine, a site likely invulnerable to most natural hazards and terrorist attacks.

    Irvin Wolfson, USDCO partner, said that while the “physical and cost benefits of being underground make us attractive, the firm also has invested heavily in high-speed connectivity and redundant power and fiber systems to ensure our operations are not just secure, but also state-of-the-art.”

    USDCO — which was conceived in September 2000 but went operational a year ago this month — also says it furnishes around-the-clock monitoring and access, proximity card readers, two-stage secured access, fire protection, remote support, redundant static geothermal cooling and backup generators.

    “The data center market is over-built with pricey Class A space or cut-rate Class C space that lacks true redundancy, capacity or security,” Wolfson said. “The natural qualities of the mine allow us to offer the best of both worlds — premier services and security at highly competitive rates.”

    But having a firm’s records secured in either electronic or paper form is one thing. Accessing the information in a crisis is another, and that’s where Rave comes in

    Should damage or even virtual destruction befall a corporate headquarters, Rave is available with ARES — a system with Datasweep technology — that within hours enables the stricken firm to retrieve critical data that it needs to continue serving clientele while beginning to pick up the pieces.

    Rave says its service provides customers a single source for reliable and secure data protection. The firm, is a privately held company, specializes in designing custom IT business products.           

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