Two Scoops Please

    The SE infiltration is in full swing. Jade Pig Ventures and principals ScottWierda and BrianDeVries are moving east. Breton Village Mall, on the lip of East Grand Rapids, is the firm’s latest acquisition, purchased last Tuesday from DaleVisser and BruceVisser of Visser Development, which has owned the upscale shopping center since 1968.

    So how does that fit in with the bids for/purchase of Runnels marina on Reeds Lake and the Jacobson’s store and the Ramona Medical Arts building (plus parking garage) in East Grand Rapids? Only time will tell what the grand plan is.

    But this sure seems like a lot of money and effort just to eventually buy Jersey Junction.

    • A Grand Rapids couple is being honored by a national organization for making the hospitality house at Spectrum Health a reality. Peter and PatriciaRenucci were recognized last week by the ational Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses (NAHHH) at its annual conference on Mackinac Island.

    The Renuccis were honored for the support they provided in starting the five-story Renucci Hospitality House at Spectrum Health. The NAHHH annually recognizes individuals who have made a difference by helping hospitals provide affordable lodging and a supportive environment of respite for families of patients.

    “When a loved one is ill or injured, the last thing a family member needs to worry about is finding someplace to stay,” said BruceHagen, executive vice president and COO of Spectrum Health. “The Renuccis’ generosity and leadership is responsible for this facility and they are certainly deserving of this award.”

    More than 8,000 families have utilized the services of the Renucci Hospitality House since it opened in May of 1999. Guests from 44 states and 13 foreign countries have stayed at the house to be close to hospitalized family members.

    Many area organizations also serve the facility by cooking and serving an evening meal to guests.

    • Former President JimmyCarter is coming to town Tuesday to visit Van Andel Institute for the first time in his role as honorary co-chair of the Hope on the Hill Fund, which was created to attract public and private contributions to help fund cancer research at the VAI. His co-chair is former President (and noted sports fan) GeraldFord

    While that visit may attract some attention, watch for another VAI fundraiser from Red Wings forward DarrenMcCarty, who has his own cancer-research foundation.

    The popularity of last year’s Red & White game featuring the Detroit Red Wings at Van Andel Arena prompted VAI to this year offer at auction an event that includes a visit with McCarty, use of a center ice suite for 16 during the Sept. 19 Wings game, plus food and nonalcoholic beverages.

    Minimum bid is $1,800 for the Hope on the Hill fundraiser, and bids will be taken until noon on Sept. 16 at or by calling 234-5314.

    • X-Rite Inc. has a new public relations manager. And the whole country knows it.

    Tyler Andrew and his wife, Michelle, were featured on the front of the business section in the Sept. 5 edition of USA Today. The story dealt with people who couldn’t find work in their current locations and were forced to relocate for employment.

    Andrew must be quite the pro, because the story came off positive for him and his wife. Plus, if you examine the secondary photo of the couple on page 2B, you’ll notice he is wearing an X-Rite polo shirt while moving furniture from their home in suburban Seattle.

    Now that’s brand placement at its finest.

    • In a competitive job market, some people will go to great lengths to attract an employer’s attention. The Creative Group, a specialized staffing service providing marketing, advertising, creative and Web professionals on a project basis, recently surveyed 250 U.S. advertising and marketing executives for the most unique strategies people have used while looking for work.

    Those surveyed were asked: “What is the most unusual or most creative tactic you have ever heard of a job hunter using to land an advertising or marketing job?” Among their responses:

    • “A guy organized a chain letter that included a request for me to send his resume to 12 other agencies.”
    • “One candidate handcuffed himself to the desk during the interview.”
    • “An applicant sent me a pair of socks in the mail.”
    • “Someone attached pineapple scratch-and-sniff stickers to his resume.”
    • “We had a job seeker send us a singing telegram.”
    • “One candidate sent us his resume written on a softball.”
    • “Someone being interviewed jumped on the manager’s desk to make his point.”
    • “One job seeker sent lottery tickets with her resume.”
    • “An applicant rented a billboard that could be seen from our creative director’s window and used it to list his qualifications.”
    • “We had a candidate bring two bodyguards with him to the interview.”
    • “A candidate sent us a T-shirt with the names of everyone in the company on it — and her own.”
    • “One person sent everyone in the company flowers. He didn’t get the job, but the office smelled great!”
    • A number of candidates sought to win potential employers’ hearts via their stomachs:
    • “One applicant brought us doughnuts every day until he was hired.”
    • “A candidate baked cookies for me and used icing to write several reasons why I should hire her.”
    • “One person sent me a cat-shaped dish full of candy tied to his portfolio, saying he was the ‘cat’s meow.’”
    • “A candidate sent an ice cream cake thanking us for taking the time to read her resume.”
    • “A job seeker had pre-paid Chinese food delivered to me. Inside the fortune cookie was his name and phone number.”

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