Universal Building With USA Deck

    GRAND RAPIDS — Universal Forest Products Inc. has entered into a licensing agreement with USA Deck Inc. to manufacture, sell and install USA Deck’s proprietary Designer Deck through Home Depot stores.

    USA Deck is owned by Louisville, Texas-based U.S. Home Systems, a manufacturer and designer of custom quality home improvement products. Designer Deck is a high-end wood deck that comes in 12 standard designs.

    Universal has established sales agreements with Home Depot in geographical areas not directly served by USA Deck.

    The agreement gives Universal exclusive rights to add additional territories next year. 

    Universal launched the program through Home Depot in the Atlanta market, and will now expand it to other regions of the country.

    “We knew when we reviewed both the product and the company that we had winning partners with Designer Deck and USA Deck,” said Universal President Mike Glenn. “The Atlanta launch is early proof of that.”

    Glenn said the USA Deck program is allowing Universal to meet its strategic objective to grow its installed sales business.

    “The launch has exceeded our expectations and promises to enhance our product offering and grow our alliance with Universal Forest Products,” said Dan Betts, president of USA Deck.

    Murray Gross, chairman, president and CEO of U.S. Home Systems, said this will allow his company to grow the business as well as providing a good opportunity for the company and ultimately the consumer.

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