Vos Extends Donors Deadline

    GRAND RAPIDS — Reformed Bible College (RBC) reported last week that the founder-operator of a local construction firm has contributed $420,000 to its scholarship fund program and is ready to give more.

    According to RBC — a 4-year college located on the Beltline immediately north of I-96 — Dan Vos and his wife, Gert, in April pledged a dollar-to-dollar match for any contribution made to their own Vos Scholarship Fund at the college, as well as to any of the college’s other scholarship funds.

    The match reached $420,000 last week and the college reports that the Vos family has extended the deadline to the end of the year.

    Vos — a long-time supporter of RBC and a former member of its board — is the founder of Vos Construction Co.

    Jeff Roloff, the director of development at the college, termed the Vos’s matching program as unprecedented in RBC’s istory. “ And donors have responded,” he added.

    Roloff said the family made the deadline extension in the hopes of bringing its total $500,000 by the end of the year. Roloff said the Vos family agreed to match donations to any of the school’s scholarship funds.

    RBC is an accredited Christian college that offers 4-year degrees in theology and 17 other majors, ranging from social work, nursing and youth ministry to education and pastoral ministry. 

    Roloff said the college has just under 300 students on its 34 acre campus which lies directly across the Beltline from the entrance to Meijer Gardens. Tuition this year is $9,150, excluding room, board and fees.

    Roloffs said Vos has thanked donors with a letter reading, in part, “This past April I challenged the donors of RBC and a few of my personal friends to contribute gifts toward the establishment of new or existing scholarships. As part of the challenge, I committed to match all gifts to scholarships up to a combined total of $1,000,000.”  

    Vos wrote that he and his wife offered their support because they have a deep passion to invest in students lives at RBC — students that are educated to go into their neighborhoods or perhaps go around the world “to serve the Lord in their vocational ministries.”

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