WalkerURS To Do Parking Study

    GRAND RAPIDS — Walker Parking Consultants/URS Corp. has received the unofficial nod to conduct a parking study for the Heartside Business District.

    The study, if approved by city commissioners, is expected to cost $140,000 — making it the second-most expensive parking analysis in the city. Only the Michigan Street Business District study, also being done by Walker/URS, could carry a higher price tag. That work could cost up to $153,800.

    Acting Parking Services Director Pam Ritsema said Heartside representatives and her department favored the Walker/URS bid over one costing nearly $190,000 submitted by FTCH/Carl Walker Parking.

    But Ritsema added that cost wasn’t the only factor considered in choosing Walker/URS. She said Heartside officials felt Walker/URS had a better understanding of the district and a stronger focus on alternative methods of transportation.

    “When all the financial support is in place, and I believe that will be in April, I’ll come back to this commission with a resolution,” Ritsema told parking commissioners last week.

    If the Parking Commission approves the study, it will then go to the City Commission for final ratification.

    The study for the hill area of Michigan Street should be done by the end of May.   

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