‘WALL-E’ is a Wyn-ner for local printer


    When the 81st Academy Awards are handed out Sunday, a futuristic little trash-collecting robot, with an environmentally friendly connection to a current-day printer in Belmont, could pick up a half-dozen Oscars.

    “WALL-E,” a big-screen animation created by Pixar and Disney, has been nominated for best animated feature film, original score, original song, original screenplay, sound editing and sound mixing. Those six tie “WALL-E” with “Beauty and the Beast” for the most Oscar nominations an animated film has ever received.

    “WALL-E” has also been a big hit on the small screen. At the end of last month, the film had sold nearly 8 million DVDs and racked up sales of $137 million for its creators. And the attractive packaging for the single, double and triple-disc versions of the hot-selling film was produced by Wynalda Litho, a commercial printing and packaging company in Belmont.

    Wynalda Litho used its Wyn-Slide interactive design with a molded paper tray for the “WALL-E” packaging. The Wyn-Slide is lighter and smaller than standard DVD packages, which means more discs can be shipped in each carton. It leaves a smaller carbon footprint and offers nearly triple the space for graphics than the usual plastic-and-paper packages.

    “Plastic and its creation process make a negative impact on the environment, and its cost is constantly increasing with the price and availability of foreign oil,” said Dan Longberg, vice president of Wynalda Litho.

    “Research has shown that consumers are more likely to purchase a product that is more environmentally friendly if all other things are equal. We have taken careful steps to ensure the paper DVD tray looks like, works like and costs like its plastic counterpart.”

    Wynalda makes the Wyn-Slide entirely from paper, and its tray is 29 percent lighter than the normal DVD package. The packaging is completely biodegradable.

    When “WALL-E” hit the DVD market last fall, the film sold 3.3 million packages for sales of $59 million in its first week.

    One industry Web site— comicnews.info — said, “If there was an award for best packaging design, then the “WALL-E” Special Edition would win hands down.”

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