Web Presence Cost Is Dropping

    MUSKEGON — H2ML has introduced a new product to the market that targets small companies and organizations that either lack a Web presence or have a weak Web presence.

    According to Rob Huisingh, president of H2ML, a significant population of small companies and organizations still have no Web site or a have a one-page site that really doesn’t communicate effectively.

    As he sees it, a Web site is a must-have in business today.

    “I don’t think many people would think about starting up a business today without a telephone. Similarly, they probably shouldn’t be thinking about starting up a business without a Web site, either.”

    He said the quandary small clients typically have is that if they go with a Web site development company that they know will do a good job, it’s probably going to cost a lot of money. On the other hand, if they go with an individual or a firm that is yet to be proven, development will probably take longer than expected and the outcome might not be what they bargained for, he said.

    So Huisingh started looking at the common elements of a good starter Web site and boiled it down from there. 

    His answer to the quandary was a new product called Web Essentials, a program that uses proven H2ML processes to develop a seven-page starter site that includes a home page, “contact us” page, up to three product or service pages, an information request form and “frequently asked questions” page.

    Web Essentials starts at $999.

    “What I’m finding is that the Web Essentials product fits the small client niche pretty nicely because we’re a proven company with a proven track record and a known product, but we’re also willing to offer the product at this price range.”

    The Web Essentials package includes:

    • Basic search engine optimization
    • Client’s logo and color preferences
    • Professional copywriting support
    • Professional graphic design support 

    • Web site design that is quick to download and easy to expand.

    With Web Essentials, Huisingh said, small clients have an option that will get them started, give them opportunities for growth, but at the same time not cost them an arm and a leg.

    These are not cookie cutter Web sites, he said.

    “It’s really more of a custom-developed solution. Web Essentials is aimed at clients that don’t have a real strong brand in place that would require us to put in a fully customized design.

    “Obviously, if a client sees a site that they really like, we can emulate many parts of it. But we do want people to have enough of a customized approach to it that they feel it’s their site.”

    HTML starts by collecting information about the client’s business, needs and goals. There are about 15 steps — or what Huisingh refers to as “key deliverables” — in the development process.

    “Each step results in input that we then use to sort of automate the process of producing the Web site,” he explained.

    Generally, completion time runs two to four weeks, he noted.

    Huisingh said response to Web Essentials has been “phenomenal.”

    “The general perception is: ‘We can’t believe you’re producing sites that look this good for that kind of money.’ We’re blending a semi-customized approach with a highly automated system. That’s the difference.”

    In addition to Web development and design, the company’s services include: online payment systems, intranet development and design, hosting, site maintenance, search engine optimization, flash media production, brochure development, printing, graphic and logo design, video production, high speed Internet, DSL and wireless, and marketing and market research.

    H2ML claims to have developed more than $31 million in new business for its West Michigan clients over the past 13 years.

    The company also does business in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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