XRite Gets New Brand Identity

    GRANDVILLE — In searching for a refreshed look to its corporate logo as well as continuity for all pieces attached to its name, X-Rite Inc. found the answer in BBK Studio.

    BBK, a marketing communications and design consultant, is launching the re-branding effort, which will include an updated brand architecture for X-Rite’s corporate and product brands, a new X-Rite corporate logo, a redesign of the company’s Web site and a redesign of X-Rite collateral materials.

    “This is an important time in X-Rite’s history,” said Kevin Budelmann, president of BBK. “The company already has a worldwide reputation for producing accurate instruments that measure color and light. The new logo and re-branding effort are designed to emphasize their customer focus, best-of-class customer support, and capabilities and technologies beyond instrumentation. It was important that the visual manifestation of this change be represented in everything X-Rite’s customers touch.”

    Starting with the logo, a familiar symbol to the company’s longtime customers, BBK recommended a renewed focus on the X-Rite logo across all product lines. In recent years the logo had taken on different visual treatments or disappeared altogether in the marketing of X-Rite’s sub-brands.

    X-Rite adopted a bold new typeface and color treatment that will stand out to its customers and against its competitors.

    “Our logo is a reminder of our brand and its attributes, precision, accuracy and reliability to our customers and business partners,” said Jamie VanderHenst. “We believe the new logo effectively communicates these messages.”

    For some the first encounter with X-Rite is through the company’s Web site, www.xrite.com. BBK provided communications counsel on the function and presentation of the site, including its information, architecture and user interface design.

    The two also worked together to consolidate, clarify and organize X-Rite’s communications and marketing efforts across sub-brands and product lines.

    X-Rite’s new logo and branding efforts are most immediately evident at its headquarters in Grandville and on its Web site. The company’s updated literature, software and other materials will be rolled out to its other offices and affiliates in the coming months.

    “This has been a very exciting project for us,” said Budelmann. “We’re impressed with X-Rite as a company and we’re pleased to work closely with them as both advisers and catalysts for change. We look forward to continuing this relationship with the organization.”           

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